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AutoTokker is the best bot for gaining real followers, views and engagement with our targeted follow bot and like automation. Become social media famous fast!

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How does our bot get you real followers?

The best way to gain real followers is to use a bot that performs the follow/unfollow method. AutoTokker will constantly follow and unfollow people for your account, as well as liking videos and comments, leading to massive, organic increases in followers, views and engagement. If you have never used a quality bot like AutoTokker before, you will be shocked at how fast your account can grow!

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People who use our bot grow FAST!

How Our Bot Works

Real Targeted Followers

Our intelligent bot allows you to achieve highly targeted growth, by choosing which target accounts you would like to focus the automated activity on. This leads to thousands of new, real followers in your niche each month, with no effort at all. Without a powerful targeting system like ours, bots are inefficient and counterproductive!


The most effective automation technique is the follow/unfollow method. AutoTokker will follow hundreds of accounts for you each day and unfollow them a few days later. The percent of accounts that follows back is sometimes as high as 30-60%! As you can imagine, this can skyrocket your growth in a matter of weeks!

Effortless Account Growth

We believe in making rapid growth as simple as possible. Set up your AutoTokker account in minutes and forget it about it, while your account explodes with growth. With our bot, there is nothing to download, no confusing user interface, or any of the other usual problems in this industry. AutoTokker provides effortless, rapid account growth!

Look what you can achieve with our bot… 🚀

TikTok bot to gain real TikTok followers

Affordable Bot Pricing

Only €29 month!

  • Follow / Unfollow
  • Auto-like Posts
  • Auto-like Comments
  • Intelligent Automation
  • 100% Secure
  • Interactive Dashboard
  • Geographic Targeting
  • Free High-Quality 4G Proxy Included
  • Analytics Tracking & more!

Pricing per month per account is calculated for you as follows:

1 Month Package:   €29/mo
3 Months Package:   €26/mo
6 Months Package:    €23/mo
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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I cancel at anytime?

Yes. There is no long-term commitment and you can cancel at anytime.

Are the followers real?

100%! We never work with fake “bot” profiles. We simply interact with other people to bring attention to your account!

Is this bot safe?

Security is our #1 priority at AutoTokker.com and we do everything we can to protect your account.

Why is AutoTokker the best bot?

AutoTokker is the best because we get our clients the most followers each month and we make sure that they’re the right followers for you. In short, we care more!

Is there a free trial? Can I try it out?

Yes. We offer a 3-day free trial for anyone who wants to see how well AutoTokker can work for their account. You are going to love it!

Will the followers engage with my videos?

Our powerful targeting system allows you to make sure the followers you get from our bot will be active and love your content!

Aren’t you ready to become social media famous with the best bot? 😏

The Best Follow Bot for social media.

Try our 3-day free trial by clicking the button below and see just how effective our bot can be!

Still Not Sure? Checkout These Stats:

  • Our clients typically gain between 50-150 followers per day. This depends on the quality of your target influencers.
  • We run the maximum safe amount of actions per day. Other abusive growth services can overdo it, leading to shadowbans and blocks. It isn’t worth it.
  • You can easily gain 1000s of followers each month using AutoTokker.
  • Try out the most effective automation service below! 100% free 3-day trial!

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The Best TikTok Bot For Gaining TikTok Followers


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