Instagram Automation Is Dead. Hello TikTok.

instagram automation is dead. Tiktok

If you have been in the business of social media automation for any time at all, you know that Instagram has been the king for a long time. A quick Google search for “Instagram bots” or “Instagram growth services” will leave you with a handful of open-source options on Github and hundreds of companies offering automation services of likes, follows, comments, direct messages, and anything else you can imagine. Those days are sadly over.

Instagram Is Using AI Bot Detection

Since the late August addition of more robust anti-botting protocols, including machine learning techniques to detect automation, the use of Instagram bots has become less and less effective by the week. It appears that Instagram and Facebook are using artificial intelligence to recognize automation patterns over their whole user base. The problem with this is that the best automation tools will be used the most often, leading them to be patched the quickest. If you happen to be using the service or program that is in fashion at the moment, this can leave your account with a “soft ban” of 3 or 14 days, perhaps worse.

TikTok Is A Better Opportunity

These new anti-botting protocols, coupled with the fact that even the automation that does work is limited to low numbers of actions per day, marks the death of Instagram automation. You can still squeak out lower and lower numbers of actions each day on a platform that is already showing declines in organic reach.. or you can catch the wave of what TechCrunch is calling the next big thing, .

Hello TikTok

Unless you have been living under a rock, you know of TikTok. It is the next big social media platform that is taking the world by storm. A unique user interface, combined with massive organic reach, makes this platform one to pay attention to. It is not uncommon for new users to reach tens of thousands of views on their first few TikTok videos. Wouldn’t it make more sense to go where the grass is greener, instead of wasting your time in the bloodbath of competition on Instagram in 2019? This leads us to AutoTokker.

Most Effective TikTok Bot

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