How To Use: TikTok Automation

In this short blog post, we are going to tell you about the new, wonderful features coming soon to AutoTokker and how to use them correctly!

Many New Features Coming Soon to AutoTokker!

  • TikTok AutoLike
  • TikTok AutoFollow and AutoUnfollow
  • TikTok AutoComment
  • TikTok AutoLike Comments
  • Proxy Use
  • New and improved dashboard. Reactive with great analytics.
  • Much more! Stay tuned.

How to: TikTok AutoFollow and Unfollow

  • Using the follow and unfollow method is pretty simple on TikTok. You simply select a few users with a large number of followers and target them with this strategy. The number of followbacks you get on TikTok is astounding. We always make sure to keep your account within the same limits, although soon you will have complete control over automation speed.

How to: TikTok Auto Comment

  • Using the TikTok Auto Comment feature is a bit more nuanced than the other features. You have to actually use your brain or it can be much less effective. You need to think of comment variations that are vague enough to apply to almost every video you comment on, while also making them specific enough to your niche to make sense. Give it a try and always be looking to improve your comment ideas.

How to: TikTok Auto Liker

  • TikTok AutoLiker is extremely simple to use. You need to make sure that your targeting is completely optimized. Find three influencer accounts that are in your niche with a lot of quality followers.

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