Should You Use TikTok Bots? Here’s Everything You Need to Know about TikTok Automation

Should You Use TikTok Like or Follow Bots?

Should you use a TikTok bot or automation software? This question is quite common in the social media world these days and it is only going to be asked more and more often. TikTok has exploded onto the world scene during the past six months and it doesn’t appear to be slowing down anytime soon. It reportedly over a billion users and is rapidly taking the spotlight away from Instagram.

With a new global social media platform, we can only expect there to be harsh competition to capture fame and influence. Whenever there is competition on social media, you can always find automation tools to help you out.

What Is A TikTok Bot?

A TikTok bot or TikTok growth service is simply a program written in Python or another programming language that performs actions using a version of the private TikTok API. Simply put, a TikTok bot lets you automate your comments, follows, unfollows, likes etc on the app.

Why would anyone want to do this? It drives a ton of traffic and engagement to your TikTok account! People have managed to grow massive accounts and become influencers on Instagram using this technique and it is just as effective on Tiktok.

Yes or No to TikTok Automation Services?

At this point in the lifespan of the TikTok social media platform, assuming you use the technology responsibly, we see no reason why you shouldn’t use a TikTok bot or growth service. There appears to be minimal resistance by TikTok to the use of these scripts and the worst punishment seems to be an action block for a few hours.

If you stay within the TikTok action limits, you can rapidly grow your account without running into any kind of problem at all. If you choose a growth service, it is important to make sure they are using safe practices with your account. Getting banned or blocked will only slow your progress and could even put your account in jeopardy.

Which TikTok Bot Is The Best?

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