TikTok For You Page Algorithm 2020 – How Does It Work?

TikTok foryoupage algorithm explained

Secret social media algorithms have been the enemy of people trying to become social media influencers since the early Instagram days. Algorithms like the one TikTok uses are quite useful in helping everyday users see relevant and interesting content with ease. For social media marketers and influencers, it can be a huge headache to figure out how each platform’s algorithm works and how to “crack it”.

After months of experimentation, we can say that we have finally figured out how the TikTok algorithm works and how to consistently be on the “For You Page”.

How The TikTok ForYou Page Algorithm Works

There are many theories regarding how the TikTok algorithm actually works and the majority of them are ridiculous superstition. A large amount of users believe that you are required to add certain hashtags to be considered for the For You Page, such as #ForYouPage, #FYP, and #ForYou. This couldn’t be further from the truth and there is absolutely no proof that this is the case. The unfortunate thing is that TikTok videos using these hashtags of course often make it on the For You Page, perpetuating this myth on and on.

Another common myth is that TikTok looks at your first five videos and gives you a “quality score”. After your score is determined, you are destined to be a TikTok star or not for the rest of your existence on this platform. If you believe this… stop reading this guide. We are only kidding, but lets talk about the real facts.

The TikTok ForYouPage Actually Works Like This

The TikTok algorithm is actually quite simple and is somewhat similar to Instagram’s method of recommending content. Your videos are initially shown to a small number of users. TikTok judges how this small group reacts to your video. How long do they watch it on average? Do they visit your profile? How many times do they watch the video? Do they share it to their friends or on other platforms? The answers to these questions determine whether or not TikTok will show your video to a large group of people!

What If You Are Already On The For You Page?

How does the TikTok for you page work? TikTok algorithm explained. For you page hacks.

If you are one of the lucky ones who overcomes these first few rounds of batch testing, congrats! You made it! At this point, it is highly likely that you will be featured on the For You Page. This is the dream for all TikTok users and it is the grand prize for beating the TikTok algorithm. You will probably gain 100s, if not 1000s of followers in the following weeks and you have a real opportunity to rapidly grow your account.

The key at this point is to continue to post high quality content everyday. Continue to be creative, but you should also stick to what got you featured in the first place. Find your niche and stick to it!

Struggling To Get On The TikTok For You Page?

For most people on TikTok, the steps listed above are easier said than done. Perhaps you need an extra boost to get past the first few rounds of batch testing. If this is you, we recommend to use TikTok automation.

You can use a TikTok bot like AutoTokker to help automate actions on your TikTok account, 24/7. This drives more and more people to your profile everyday and helps your videos get more engagement. This extra boost can be exactly what you need to finally get on the For You Page and reach the level you want to be at!

The Best TikTok Automation Service To Get On The For You Page

AutoTokker is the best TikTok automation service to help you get on the TikTok for you page.

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