The Jarvee of TikTok Bots

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Is There A Jarvee Bot for TikTok?

Many people are looking for the TikTok version of Jarvee(Massplanner), a popular social media automation service for Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. If that sounds like you, keep reading this article!

Everyone is looking for a TikTok bot that actually works. This is because the social media platform has exploded onto the scene, quickly becoming the most relevant, to normal users and social media marketers alike.

TikTok is reported to already have over two billion downloads, at the time of this writing. This makes it a legitimate rival to Facebook and Instagram and possibly the next social media king.

Why did people like Jarvee/Massplanner for Instagram?

Jarvee/Massplanner was extremely popular for Instagram automation for a variety of reasons. Most importantly, they provided a Instagram bot service that wouldn’t get blocked(until recently).

Jarvee TikTok. Massplanner TikTok

They also offered a very cost effective solution for people wanting to start an Instagram growth service business. You could buy one Jarvee account and run bots for hundreds of clients.

Obviously, with the emergence of TikTok, people are searching for a TikTok bot similar to Jarvee/Massplanner to resell as a business.

Why aren’t there many TikTok automation tools like Jarvee / Massplanner?

With all of this demand, you are probably wondering why there aren’t a million TikTok bots floating around the internet.

The reason there aren’t is because TikTok’s API is private. This means it can be incredibly difficult to develop the botting software. You need to be an expert coder in order to achieve this feat. If it gets enough starts, we would be open to the idea of sharing the TikTok bot code with the open-source community.

Finally, The Jarvee of TikTok

TikTok Jarvee bot. TikTok automation software like Jarvee for Instagram. AutoTokker is the best TikTok bot.

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