TikTok Shadowban Explained

TikTok Shadowban Explained

Does The TikTok Shadowban Exist?

Shadowbans, also known as stealth bans or ghost bans, have been around since the beginning of social media. They were most widely debated in the Instagram community, due to widespread shadowbans, without a clear explanation. During a shadowban, your content is not shown to anybody besides your current followers. This makes it incredibly difficult to grow your TikTok following.

If you’ve done a little research on the topic or have visited forums like Quora or MPSocial, you probably already know that this is a real issue. If you didn’t, now you know. Yes, there is a shadowban on TikTok.

Why Is Your TikTok Account Shadowbanned?

Your TikTok account can be shadowbanned for a variety of reasons. The good news is that the rules are quite clear. If you follow the TikTok community guidelines and generally don’t post anything obscene, you should never have a problem.

TikTok Shadowban Causes:

  • Posting Nudity – This is an obvious reason and one that has caused many people trouble on Instagram. No social media company wants nudity on their platform, notably one with a younger audience. Keep your videos clean!
  • Posting Guns or Illegal Drugs – This is another understandable reason to be shadowbanned on TikTok. There is no reason to post this sort of content and of course TikTok wants to keep their platform as safe as possible.
  • Posting Copyrighted Content – Don’t use copyrighted content in your TikTok videos. There is also speculation that making clear copies of other popular users’ videos can result in shadowban.

How Long Does A TikTok Shadowban Last?

The most commonly reported length of a shadowban is around 14 days. You can be patient and wait it out, if you already have many followers, or you can start from scratch if it is a new account.

We have heard of, but not verified, accounts of permanent TikTok shadowbans for the most egregious offenses. Some users report bans of their IP address entirely. If this is true, this is probably the result of many repeat offenses and abuse of the platform.

Do TikTok Bots Cause Shadowbans?

Absolutely not, especially if you are using a responsible service that doesn’t abuse the TikTok action limits. You can try a service like AutoTokker and watch your engagement levels in the following weeks. It will usually only be elevated, as a result of your new followers! In the case of a TikTok shadowban, your engagement levels should plummet to a depressingly low level.

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