Why AutoTokker Is a Better TikTok Bot Than Instazood

Instazood TikTok Bot vs. AutoTokker TikTok Bot. Which is the best TikTok Bot service?

AutoTokker or Instazood? Which TikTok Bot Is The Best?

When deciding which TikTok bot you are going to use, there are many important factors that you must consider. You obviously want a bot that is going to give you rapid results, but that isn’t all that matters.

Choosing a safe TikTok growth service is imperative. Nothing is worse than having a social media account growing nicely, only to be ruined or hacked because you trusted a bad growth service.

Keeping this in mind, we are going to provide an honest review of both of these TikTok bots.

Instazood TikTok Bot Review

Instazood TikTok Bot vs. AutoTokker. Instazood is mainly an Instagram bot. Instazood TikTok automation.

We are going to start this comparison by reviewing Instazood‘s TikTok bot service.

Instazood Is Primarily An Instagram Automation Service, Not A TikTok Bot

As you can see in the screenshot above, Instazood is most commonly known for their Instagram bot service. They were one of the early companies in the Instagram automation world and one that stuck around until the end.

Their Instagram automation service has been consistent since the beginning, but not without a fair amount of scrutiny.

Users complain about the quality of Instazood and reportedly complain about shadowbans and losing their accounts. The customer service has not been great either.

Should You Trust The Instazood TikTok Bot?

One of the most important qualities in a business-client relationship is trust. This is even more important when you have to give your TikTok username and password to utilize an automation tool.

Instazood has absolutely dreadful reviews on Trust Pilot. They are rated as “poor” with only 2 stars out of 5 possible. Couple this with the fact that people are reporting that the TikTok bot login doesn’t even work and you have a pretty bad picture of Instazood’s TikTok bot service.

Instazood TikTok bot reviews

We can’t imagine how anyone would trust Instazood with their TikTok account.

What Does Instazood’s TikTok Bot Offer?

Instazood’s TikTok bot front page says that they offer all possible TikTok actions: likes, comments, follows, unfollows, and even direct messages(this isn’t really possible on TikTok without being mutual friends…).

If Instazood really does offer working versions of what they claim to, it could be a decent TikTok bot. We would clearly recommend AutoTokker over their service. Let us explain why.

AutoTokker TikTok Bot Review

AutoTokker TikTok Bot Review. Is it better than Instazood?

Now it is time to give an unbiased review of AutoTokker‘s TikTok bot tool.

AutoTokker Is 100% Focused On Making The Best TikTok Bot

AutoTokker is a service that is completely focused on helping people organically grow their TikTok accounts as fast as possible.

AutoTokker Tiktok bot Instazood

They have been on TikTok/Musically since the early days and have been learning along the way. AutoTokker knows how to safely automate your TikTok account to get the most bang for your buck, actions wise. They only provide a follow/unfollow service for the moment, but nobody can argue with their results.

AutoTokker’s TikTok Growth Service Can Be Trusted

As testimonials begin to pour in, the evidence continues to pile up that AutoTokker provides results in a safe manner. They earn your trust everyday with great results and responsive, helpful customer service.

AutoTokker clients are often shocked by how quick the customer service team replies. They are also known to reach out from time to time to check in on their clients. This makes the difference for a lot of people, when choosing which service they want to go with.

Conclusion: AutoTokker Is The Better TikTok Bot

The risk reward ratio here is quite clear. Instazood’s sketchy past and poor reviews should make everyone think twice before handing over their TikTok credentials. AutoTokker is newer on the social media automation scene, but they are already helping many people achieve their desired results on TikTok. AutoTokker is the best TikTok bot option at this point.

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