90k Followers In One Month – AutoTokker TikTok Bot Review

TikTok bot case study. How to gain followers with Tiktok bots/automation.
TikTok bot case study. @JoeRoganClips gaining 90k followers in one month.
TikTok User @JoeRoganClips

AutoTokker Review: How @JoeRoganClips Gained 90k TikTok Followers In One Month Using AutoTokker TikTok Bot

We have finally found the time to write this article about one of our most successful clients. We are talking about TikTok user @JoeRoganClips, a page that reposts the best clips from the uber-popular Joe Rogan Experience podcast.

He has experienced an astronomic rise to fame on the TikTok platform, crediting much of his success to TikTok bots and automation, specifically AutoTokker. Now let’s do a Q&A with @JoeRoganClips to get the details on his TikTok botting journey.

TikTok Bot Q&A With @JoeRoganClips

Enter @JoeRoganClips

Q1. How many TikTok followers do you have currently and how long did it take?

@JoeRoganClips: “I have just over 90,000 followers on TikTok and I have been on the platform for a little over a month.

Q2. When did you start using AutoTokker’s TikTok bot and why?

@JoeRoganClips: “I actually started using the service during my first couple of days on TikTok. I had seen people talking about it on BlackHatWorld and other forums and figured it was worth a try. It was pretty random.”

Q3. Do you still use AutoTokker’s automation service?

@JoeRoganClips: “No I do not. I think AutoTokker can be extremely effective for getting your account over the “hump”, but once you are already TikTok famous, it isn’t necessary. I will probably come back if they add more features like likes, comments, etc.”

Q4. Why do you think TikTok bots can be effective to make your account break out?

@JoeRoganClips: “I think the TikTok bot generates some early views and followers, which can help you get some momentum going. I also think that it’s good to have a steady flow of followers each day, while you try to hit homeruns with your content(or Rogan’s in my case haha).”

Q5. Do you plan to use AutoTokker’s TikTok bot on other accounts as well?

@JoeRoganClips: “Absolutely. It is going to be like a systematic thing for me. I’ll put all of my new accounts on AutoTokker.”

Q6. Did you expect to see this amount of early success with your TikTok account?

@JoeRoganClips: “I had heard that it was an easy platform to grow on, but I couldn’t have expected this.”

Q7. Do you have any advice for other TikTok users reading this?

@JoeRoganClips: “Post often and don’t procrastinate. Think of a strategy for your account and go for it. Use TikTok bots of course, but that’s obvious 😉 “

Thanks for giving us a bit of your time. Now go grow some more!

@JoeRoganClips: “No problem! You guys too!”

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