Why Is TikTok Bad? …It’s Not!

Why is the new social media TikTok so bad? Addiction? Chinese? We explain everything.

Why Do People Think TikTok Is Bad?

Because TikTok is so new and is having so much success around the world, it is subject to an unfair amount of criticism. People have claimed all sorts of things about TikTok. TikTok is bad. TikTok is evil. TikTok is dangerous for kids. Even, wait for it, TikTok is parasitic, Chinese malware that should never be installed.

That last one was a paraphrased quote from the CEO of Reddit…

Why are people saying all of these horrible things about this exciting new platform? Is it really that bad? People are generally fearful of things they don’t fully understand. This is exaggerated even more when it comes to technology. Maybe science fiction is to blame. Who knows!

People think TikTok is bad because it is so entertaining! It is an app that you can pass hours on watching funny videos and interesting new trends. However, another word for extremely entertaining is… addictive. It is up to each individual to decide when something changes from something you enjoy and actively pursue vs. something you are legitimately addicted to. Social media addiction is a well researched and documented phenomenon and it is up to you to decide if that makes an app “bad”.

Another main reason people say TikTok is bad/evil is because it has some connections to China. The economic competition between the United States and China has been becoming more and more heated in recent years. China has banned the American social media juggernauts from being used in their country for years and it looks like some American congressmen would like to do the same. TikTok has been accused multiple times of sending user data back to mainland China. Most of these claims have been exaggerated and TikTok is doing many things to distance itself from Beijing’s influence. The main TikTok HQ is now located in the United States.

Is TikTok Dangerous?

There are a couple of reasons why people think TikTok is dangerous and we are going to explore them both.

One reason people say TikTok is dangerous is because it is addictive and this can be harmful for younger users. TikTok is 100% addictive and that is a big part of why it is overtaking Facebook, Snapchat and Instagram as the top social media app.

How is TikTok addictive? With the way the app is designed, you are forced to consume content from the get go. You don’t pick and choose what you will watch, like on other social media apps. While you are being force fed these short video clips, TikTok is watching your every move and collecting thousands of data points. Every action you perform or don’t perform on TikTok is being noted and the data crunched to present you with videos that you are more likely to want to watch. The more time you spend on TikTok, the more addictive it becomes.

This can be extremely dangerous for younger users who aren’t aware of the manipulation that is occurring. They could easily spend an entire day mindlessly watching videos on TikTok. Is this okay? That is up to you to decide.

Another reason people say TikTok is bad is because of how videos can influence user behavior, particularly teens. Kids often do stupid stunts and activities in videos to get TikTok fame. Imitating other users in order to attain similar attention could lead a younger user to do something unwise, that they otherwise wouldn’t. There are many videos of teens injuring themselves, while trying to perform some new, trendy stunt. Again, we will let you decide if that makes TikTok inherently bad or if it simply the fault of those people.

Why TikTok Is Like Every Other Social Media

Reasons Why TikTok Is Similar To Other Social Media Apps:

TikTok and Instagram are both platforms full of people focused on becoming influencers! The majority of people on these platforms are obsessed with how many followers they have and would love to have the life of an “influencer”.

People do things on social media that they otherwise wouldn’t in order for people to “like” them. TikTok is exactly like other social media platforms, where people show the best(or worst) side of themselves in order for people to like them. TikTok is very similar, but with a focus on creative videography and editing.

People spend TONS of time on all social media platforms. Many people say that TikTok is addictive and you will waste tons of time on it. This has been the case with all types of social media and entertainment in general. As the years pass by, we are presented with more and more entertaining games, apps and devices. We are naturally going to spend more time on these things. It is not necessarily bad.

Wait, TikTok doesn’t seem so bad after all… maybe it is the perfect social media!

Why TikTok Is Actually The Perfect Social Media

You can easily make an argument that TikTok is the PERFECT social media app. TikTok is a completely wide-open market. Anyone can become relatively famous in a matter of days, if their content is creative enough. TikTok has insane organic reach and if you make a good video, it will get seen.

This is completely different from Instagram and other platforms, where if you aren’t already famous… good luck…

TikTok is the most entertaining social media app… by far! Because the app uses extremely powerful artificial intelligence, you are always going to be presented with videos that you are near guaranteed to enjoy. If you like to watch soccer, you will see soccer. If you like to look at swimsuit models, you will see swimsuit models, etc, etc. This app never fails to entertain even the most niche interests.

It is apparent why TikTok has rapidly surpassed the other social media platforms and is dominating the attention of younger and older demographics alike. It looks like it is going to stick around… so should you use TikTok?

Should You Use TikTok?

Should you use TikTok? Is it bad?

Whether you should use TikTok is 100% up to you, but we would definitely have to recommend it!

TikTok is a platform where anybody can “make it” and get famous. It is the America of the social media world. Download the app and consistently post videos for a week. We would be shocked if at least one didn’t get a considerable amount of attention/views.

This is how TikTok works. It is a community where everyone has a decent chance to be seen and their creativity valued. That being said, some people want to grow extremely fast on TikTok and not wait for viral videos to pop. We want to explain the fastest way to grow your TikTok account.

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Is TikTok evil/bad? China? Addiction? Younger users.

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