How Does TikTok Work?

How does TikTok really work? TikTok features explained. How do TikTok views work?

What is TikTok and How Does It Work?

If you still don’t know what TikTok is… all we can say is wow. TikTok is the newest social media juggernaut of the world, competing with the likes of Instagram, Facebook and Snapchat. Some would say they are even dominating these established players.

TikTok has attacked the problem of capturing users’ attention in a somewhat unique way. This has allowed them to rapidly attain the coveted billion user mark even faster than the big name apps mentioned above. So, what exactly do they do? How does their strategy work?

TikTok has approached content distribution in a totally unique way. They effectively force you to watch videos, as soon as you download the app. You don’t choose if you want to watch videos based on a thumbnail, like other platforms. With TikTok, the video just starts playing and you are thrown into the TikTok world. While you watch(or skip) this video, TikTok is taking notes of everything you do, how long you watch, where you click, what type of videos you watch longer, etc. This is how TikTok works!

Explaining how TikTok works. How much time do users spend on TikTok per day?
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As you can see, this leads to people spending more time on TikTok each day than the other big social media platforms. TikTok is flat out addictive because of how well they curate content suited to your likes and dislikes. They know exactly what you are going to watch and enjoy the most, based on their algorithm, machine learning and artificial intelligence.

How Does TikTok Really Work?

Now that we explained how TikTok works as a whole, let’s explain how it works for a particular user like yourself.

TikTok has a very unique system for distributing user content. The features that make TikTok so addictive on the consumption side make it incredibly easy on the creation side of things. If you post a fairly decent video, TikTok’s incredibly smart system is going to find the niche group of users who will enjoy it!

So how does that work exactly? During the first hour after posting your TikTok video, TikTok will take it and show it to a small batch of users. This is an extremely important part of the content distribution process! The reaction and consumption pattern of this select group of users will almost solely determine if your video will go viral.. or completely flop!

TikTok shows your video to a small batch of users first. That is how it works.
Viral on TikTok or a complete flop?

If your video does well with this first batch of users, congrats! Your video will now be elevated to the next “tier” in the TikTok world and be shown to another, slightly larger group of users. Then, it will go through the exact same process on a bigger scale. If it does well, congrats! You are sent to increasingly larger groups of users and you will eventually go viral.

There isn’t anyway to cheat the TikTok algorithm. You post good content or you don’t. The best content, best meaning the most watched/most entertaining, will always win. Ironically, the most capitalistic/meritocratic social media app came out of China.

Even after only reading that last section, you know more about how TikTok works than 99% of TikTok users. There is no magic. Post good(or great) content and you will win!

How Do TikTok Views Work?

First of all, we need to define what a view is on TikTok, because it actually does vary from platform to platform.

A view on TikTok is counted as each time that somebody watches your video. That means if somebody watches your video 100 times, that is counted as 100 views, not only 1. This is extremely important! It means that videos that are more likely to be watched multiple times are incredibly effective. You already know this, if you’ve seen all of the simple trick videos where you are searching for something. They almost all go viral! Why? You have to re-watch them multiple times to figure out what the hell is going on. This is counted in the algorithm. Re-watching the same video over and over again = “Wow, people think this is super interesting!” to TikTok’s AI.

That being said, don’t leave your phone playing your TikTok videos on loop all day. It doesn’t work. How do we know?… We tried!

How Does Going Viral Work On TikTok?

So, what are the easiest ways to go viral on TikTok based on what we described above? We will give you a few easy ways:
-Post short, unique videos, that people are likely to watch several times. The algorithm loves this!
-Post genuinely interesting content. You need to go with short gimicky videos or genuine, Instagram quality content. Nothing in between.
-Post videos with intentional small errors in them. People are much more likely to interact, if the error isn’t too obviously made. A good one: “The richest man in the world”, but you are showing Bill Gates. The response: 100 comments with “Jeff Bezos?!”.

TikTok users are actually extremely predictable, once you understand how the game works.

How Does TikTok Monetization Work?

What about TikTok monetization? What should you do if you have built up a nice following of 100k, 500k or 1,000,000 followers?

There are infinite ways to make money on social media apps and TikTok is no exception. Any of the normal methods will work here, but we will describe them anyway.

Like any attention based social media, the way to make money on TikTok is to sell your attention. The easiest way to make money on TikTok is to put a link in your bio to sell something. For the moment, not everyone has this feature available, but we predict it will soon be available for all accounts.

Another way to make money on TikTok is to make deals with small and large brands/companies. You can get paid thousands of dollars to simply feature someone’s product in your video. It could be a gadget, game, app, clothing or anything else that your audience would be interested in. Those who hustle the hardest will make the most money on TikTok. It is an inefficient market, where advertisers aren’t sure how much to pay. This leads to you getting better deals than you should, if you know what you’re doing.

Selling TikTok hoodies. Brand deals. Advertisements. How TikTok monetization works.

Before you can sell stuff on TikTok, you need to have a large following. What should you do if you are posting consistently everyday and still struggling? Use a TikTok bot like AutoTokker!

How Do TikTok Bots Work?

So, what exactly is a TikTok bot and how does it work? Can it make you famous? Is it dangerous? We will explain.

A TikTok bot is software that automates certain actions on your TikTok account to organically grow your following FAST! This can be automating follow(follow/unfollow), likes, comments, posting, anything really.

Instead of working all day on growing your TikTok account, you can let a TikTok bot work for you 24/7, while you focus on getting brand deals and relaxing. Life is too short to be doing work that a robot could be doing for you. That is why humans invented them. So, which TikTok bot should you use?

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How do TikTok bots work? How does growing a TikTok account work?

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