TikTok Video Under Review & 0 Views EXPLAINED

Why is my tiktok video under review? 0 views.

Why Is My TikTok Video Under Review?

There is nothing worse than making tons of progress on TikTok, only to be slowed down(or stopped completely!) by having a video under review. Complete buzzkill!

This can happen for a variety of reasons. Once you know many of the common causes, it is actually quite easy to avoid getting your videos reviewed or removed by TikTok. We are going to explain all of the common reasons this happens and how you can avoid it.

TikTok video under review? Disabled

Avoiding videos going under review is actually fairly simple. Here are the things you need to avoid:

Most Common Reasons TikTok Videos Get Removed or Reviewed:

Reason 1: Violation of Copyright Laws/Rules.

This is the most obvious reason why a video would get reviewed by TikTok, but it is actually very unclear when/why it happens. Sometimes, it seems like users get away with blatant copyright infringement, while others get their accounts shut down for the smallest thing. To avoid getting a video under review for this, simply don’t use content from movies, music or television that you don’t own. Use verified music from the in-app editor or be very careful with your own custom sounds/voiceovers.

Reason 2: You Had Violent or Dangerous Acts in Your TikTok Video.

This is another common reason. Don’t include anything extremely violent in your videos. This includes fighting, warfare, overly dangerous stunts, people getting graphically injured. You know what is okay and what isn’t. Walk the fine line!

Reason 3: Pornography, Naked People, Almost Naked People.

This one can get complicated. One moment you see girls in bikinis with millions of view. The next moment your video with a shirtless male gets flagged for nudity…

We recommend being extremely prudent on this front. Don’t post anything too sexual or with minimal clothing. It is too risky for your account. You should only do this if that is your niche and you are willing to gamble with the account, hoping that TikTok will overlook your video.

Reason 4: People Committing Crimes.

Don’t include any crime in your videos, as this may influence the younger demographic. Kids are very prone to imitating whatever they see is getting attention on social media. TikTok will not let you post crime, even petty crime, and your video will quickly be placed under review.

Why Does My TikTok Video Get 0 Views?

Another extremely annoying problem that is extremely common(especially for beginners) is having your TikTok videos get 0 views. Seriously? 0 views? You heard TikTok accounts were extremely easy to grow and get famous. Yes. Relax! We will explain everything.

We have seen it a million times. Somebody hears that it is extremely easy to get famous on TikTok. They download the app and proceed to post 10 videos…

The TikTok algorithm needs time to evaluate your videos and make sure they’re not spam. They also spend some time to try and figure out who the content is best suited for. You need to be patient and definitely don’t delete the videos! Everything will normalize over the first 12-24 hours, sometimes longer.

It is always the people who freak out and delete some of the videos that have the most problems. They eventually give up and usually blame TikTok… so sad 🙁

Why do my videos get 0 view. TikTok

How To Avoid TikTok Videos Going Under Review

Once you know those rules above, it is quite easy to avoid having your TikTok videos placed under review.

Most of the time, if you follow those rules, you will not have any problems at all. You may occasionally have a video place under review. Maybe the TikTok AI made a mistake and thought you were doing something bad. You simply need to let them know and they will rapidly fix it.

We recommend knowing your risk tolerance for each account. If it is your account with the most followers, probably don’t take any risks. If it is a new meme account and you just want to try and get famous quickly, go ahead!

Is My TikTok Account Dead If A Video Goes Under Review?

If your TikTok video goes under review, should you start over?

Many people have one video get reviewed and they freak out. Maybe their next couple of videos don’t perform as good as normal. This can be scary… but your account is not dead!

Is A TikTok account dead if a video goes under review? TikTok video under review.

Most of the time, your TikTok account should be completely fine. We have seen accounts have multiple videos get flagged and they still bounced back perfectly.

The key to TikTok seems to be resilience. When something goes wrong, your video is reviewed, you get 0 views, algorithm is screwing you or anything else, you need to stay calm and keep posting. Always stay calm and follow your normal posting schedule.

Freaking out will always lead to bigger problems and those people tend to end up giving up on their accounts. RIP!

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