How To Do A Duet On TikTok

How to do a Tiktok duet? 2020 guide

How To Do A Duet On TikTok and Why Are They Important?

Making TikTok duets is an integral part of the TikTok experience and many people are wondering how to make them!

Creating TikTok duets is extremely easy, as we will explain. You simply need to find a video you want to make a duet with and click on the options. There will be one on the left for “Duet”. Click this!

Where is the button to do a duet on TikTok? TikTok app

After this, you will be taken to the recording screen to work your magic. You want to collaborate and play with your duet “partner” as much as possible! It is important that the video is a good match for yours. Don’t go and choose a random video to duet with. It won’t make sense and people won’t watch your video. So, why are TikTok duets so important for everyone on TikTok?

Why Are TikTok Duets Important To Your Success?

Making TikTok duets is extremely important because TikTok is all about collaboration and group creativity!

You can spend a few minutes on TikTok and get an understanding of what this app is about. People are there to remake others’ videos, make TikTok duets with each other, jump on other people’s trends, etc. TikTokers who struggle to “play well with others” will have a hard time on this social media app.

This is actually great news for you! Unlike Instagram and other platforms, you are not stuck on an island, expected to create brilliant, original content. On TikTok, you can build off of other’s success and, to some extent, copy their video ideas.

Making TikTok duets with people who have already “made it” on the app is a great way to get your name out. People will enjoy your duets and then potentially make a duet of your duet. So many TikTok duets!

How to do TikTok duets to get famous

Does Doing TikTok Duets Help You Get More Followers?

Doing TikTok duets is a surefire way to boost your following and help you gain some traction. All you have to do is take someone else’s great idea and throw in your two cents with a duet. Some people make great duets, where they are simply reacting to the video on the other side of the screen. They can be quite hilarious!

The best way to learn how to make good duets is to practice. As always, the market(the other users) will let you know if what you’re doing is high quality. Keep an eye on your views and engagement and you will know if you are on the right track!

How to do TikTok duets to get more followers fast.

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