How To Get On The ForYou Page On Tiktok – 10 RULES

How to get on the ForYouPage TikTok?

10 TikTok ForYou Page Rules:

Make Videos People Want To Watch

This is easily one of the most important rules on our list and one that you CANNOT avoid. It is one the most fundamental rules of content creation and social media. You simply have to make interesting content or you will never succeed.

Make videos people want to watch on Tiktok. the FYP
Classic ForYou Page Examples

The good news for you is that interesting can mean many different things. Find the angle that you want to attack TikTok with and go for it. You can make videos that are funny, sad, interesting, thought provoking, insane, dangerous, strange, etc…anything! Do this and increase your chances of being on the ForYou page dramatically!

Make Videos People Want To Watch…TWICE!

This is another important rule that many people aren’t aware of. TikTok gives a lot of weight to the re-watch rate in their algorithm. What does that mean exactly?

The TikTok re-watch rate is the percentage of viewers that watch your video multiple times. This usually happens to videos with good looking people, hard to understand videos(in a good way) and videos you just HAVE to see again. If you can nail a high re-watch rate, you are well on your way to ForYou page fame.

Your Video Should Get Going Quickly

Ah, another crucial rule to TikTok success. Your videos need to be quick starters! Kids and people in general have the attention spans of goldfish these days.

If somebody has to wait more than a second or two to see what is happening in your video, they are going to swipe and watch something else. You need to drag in their attention, just like if you were an advertisement. Always put yourself in the shoes of the viewer and reverse engineer your video from their!

David Dobrik on the For You Page
Bonus rule!

What if you did the opposite? Make your video extremely slow starting and get the viewers to stay there waiting for something to happen. This is a delicate line to walk, but it can definitely work! Give them a great reason to wait around.

Don’t Delete Videos…EVER!

This cannot be said enough times. People are extremely insecure on social media and whenever a video starts a little slow.. they delete it.

This is a huge mistake for two different reasons. First of all, if you delete videos, you make it extremely hard for TikTok to understand your content and correctly distribute your videos based on the algorithm. Let them use their high-powered AI to show your videos to the right people!

The other problem with deleting videos is that you never know how they are going to do later on. It is very possible for a two week old video to get on the ForYou page. Don’t kill your chances prematurely. Let the video age like a fine wine!

Follow The Current Trends

This is something that most people know, but it is always a good reminder. TikTok is a very social app. You have to “play well with others” to succeed on TikTok.

Following the current trends is like a hack to get on the ForYou page. The algorithm is thirsty for videos that fit what is hot right now. If you post what it is looking for, it is going to distribute your videos to more people than it normally would.

Study the trends and try to put your spin on it. This is a tried and true method of getting where you want to go!

Don’t Get Shadowbanned

Getting shadowbanned, by definition, means that you cannot get on the ForYou page. This can be a devastating blow to even the best TikTok accounts.

So, how do you avoid this?: Don’t post drugs and guns, don’t post nudity, don’t use copyrighted content, and anything else prohibited in their community guidelines.

Use a High Quality Camera/Phone

No matter how good your videos are, nobody wants to watch a 240p flip-phone video, where you can’t tell if it is a skiing video or two snails fighting.

Video quality comparisons for how to get on the ForYou page TikTok
Remember the fish!

The higher quality your video is, the easier it is to watch and the more pleasant the experience is for your viewers. Always think about your videos from the viewers’ perspective and you can do quite well on TikTok!

Make TikTok Duets With Famous Videos

One tried and true method of getting famous is to “piggy-back” on others’ success!

Charli on the Tiktok foryoupage. How to get on the ForYou page?

Find videos that you can relate to and do a TikTok duet! This is an easy way to create content, when you don’t have any ideas of your own! You can do as little as simply reacting to their video or showing yourself laughing about what they’re doing.

You would be surprised how many times simple duet ideas like those listed above make it on the ForYou page on TikTok. Give it a go and see what happens!

Call To Action! Make Them Do Something

We saved this rule for the end of our list because it is extremely important. A call-to-action is a way of getting the viewer to do something. This can be something as simple as “like this video if you are X” or “comment something”.

Milking out some more engagement can be the reason your video makes it big and eventually on the For You Page.

TikTok is awesome because if you make a very specific call to action for a very specific group of people, TikTok will find those viewers for you! Their algorithm is incredibly powerful and you need to use it as a tool vs. fight against it.

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Do tiktok bots help you get on the  TikTok for you page?

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