TikTok Botting Explained – Best Bots?

TikTok botting/automation explained

What is TikTok Botting

There seems to be some confusion about TikTok botting and automation. Does it work? Is it dangerous for your account? What are the best TikTok bots? In this short article, we will give you answers to all of the common questions. If you just want to see TikTok bot reviews, skip to the end!

TikTok Botting Explained

Most people understand the idea of social media bots. They have been around for ages. People use automated scripts, in computer programming languages like Python, to automate the menial actions of social media. This can be done 24/7 and will give your social media accounts a big boost in growth and traffic.

People tend to automate actions like follows, unfollows, likes, comments, posting, direct messages, story views, story poll voting, liking comments, and pretty much anything else you can imagine.

Why Are People Moving From Instagram Bots to TikTok Bots?

There are many reasons why people are choosing to move to TikTok and do their social media botting there. Many people think that it is simply because Instagram has cracked down on bots, but there is actually another angle. From the beginning, TikTok has only allowed users to perform a few hundred follows per day. This is not many at all in the grand scheme of things and automating it isn’t a danger to the platform. In comparison, Instagram bots were performing thousands of follows, likes and spammy comments per day, which is much more damaging to the platform.

How do TikTok bots actually work? TikTok API
How Does TikTok Botting Actually Work?

TikTok botting is very simple and can be thought of as a pared down form of other social media botting. TikTok bots typically perform a few hundred follows and unfollows per day, seamlessly blending in with the normal actions of TikTok users, while providing your account incredible growth and engagement.

It is actually as simple as that. Executing on this simple vision is easier said than done, evidenced by the fact that there are not many TikTok bots on the market. As you will see later in the article in the TikTok bot reviews, there aren’t many that function well at all.

Why Does TikTok Botting Work So Well?

So, TikTok bots follow a few hundred people per day. How does it work so well?

TikTok bots work incredibly well at this point. People who do TikTok botting can typically expect to gain 20-100 followers a day, depending on your target accounts and the service you choose.

The follow-back percentage is quite high on TikTok for a variety of reasons. The platform is still quite new and despite its billion user total, it is quite a tight-knit community. People tend to reciprocate the gesture, when you follow them. This is quite different from Instagram, where the follow-back rate can be extremely low and continues to drop.

What Kind of Results Can You Expect When TikTok Botting?

The results vary from user to user, but we can typically give you an accurate estimate of how many followers you will gain when botting. The average account using a TikTok bot can gain 1-4k followers a month. That is without doing anything! If you post good content like you normally would, the organic growth combines with the automation to get you incredible results. Some clients have even reached hundreds of thousands of followers.

The key to TikTok botting success is to experiment as much as possible. Try different target accounts and see which group responds the most positively. You should also experiment with your profile photo and your account bio. These changes can massively affect how people perceive your account and if they choose to follow back or not.

Most people know that using bots on social media can be extremely effective, but does it put your precious account at risk?

Does TikTok Botting Hurt Your Account?

We would say that TikTok botting is 99.9% safe.

TikTok botting is actually quite a safe strategy. The fact that you can only perform a small/medium amount of follows per day makes this strategy nothing flagrant and worth punishing. However, using TikTok automation is definitely against the community guidelines, so use at your own risk!

For the most part, you shouldn’t worry about your account being at risk. If you are, maybe you could create a second account where you want to be a little bit more “risky”.

It is easy to manage multiple accounts on the TikTok app and you could have a normal account and a botted account.

There is one risk of botting that you need to be aware of and that is terrible bots. When choosing a TikTok bot, make sure you are using the best service possible. Using a second-grade bot is the fastest way to be in the 0.01% of botters who gets a shadowban or other punishment.

Is using TikTok bots dangerous for your account

No worries, though! We are going to present you with unbiased reviews of the major TikTok bots below. We will leave off the under performing or unsafe services and present you with a buffet of the best TikTok bots.

We honestly aren’t concerned with which TikTok bot you choose. We simply want you to get the results you wish for and to keep account safe! Enjoy the reviews!

TikTok Botting Reviews – The Best TikTok Bots!

The best TikTok bots are those that provide rapid growth, while also keeping your account 100% safe. Let’s get started!

#1. AutoTokker

When it comes to TikTok botting, AutoTokker is truly in a class of its own. The leader in the industry since the beginning and one of the only TikTok bots focused exclusively on the platform, AutoTokker is the clear choice.

Many of the other TikTok bots on the market are simply companies jumping from Instagram to what is “hot”. They scrap together a sub-par script and don’t care about quality or safety. If you don’t believe us, Google reviews about them or send them an email. They may take a week to respond… or not respond at all.

Autotokker.com the best TikTok bot

#2. TokUpgrade

Tokupgrade reviews. TikTok botting and automation

TokUpgrade is a close second to AutoTokker and a service we have no problem sending people who told us no to! If you want great results and don’t choose AutoTokker.. TokUpgrade is the way to go.

TokUpgrade is another service that has been around since the beginning of the TikTok botting industry. They provide excellent results and have a great track record of being a trustede service.

TokUpgrade also provides different levels of service, which is awesome. They offer weekly subscription options, if you ever want to give them a try. This can be a great option, if you want to try TikTok botting, but don’t want to commit to a full month subscription.

#3. Social Hype

Social hype tiktok bot review? 2020

Social Hype is another great option and they’re just jumping into the TikTok market. They have a great track record in the IG and Twitter botting industry and we are excited to see what they develop for TikTok.

These three companies are the only we can recommend with a good conscience. We checked others like Instazood, StimSocial, and a few others, and we simply cannot recommend trusting them with your Tiktok account. Do a quick Google search of their reviews and it is a no-brainer to stay away.

If are wanting to get into TikTok botting, stick to AutoTokker, TokUpgrade and Social Hype! Thank us later!

Looking To Try The Best TikTok Bot?

AutoTokker.com vs instazood vs stimsocial tiktok botting. 2020 reviews

AutoTokker is by far the best TikTok bot available!

If you are wanting to get rapid results from the top TikTok bot, you definitely need to try AutoTokker. Our clients typically gain thousands of real followers each month.

The combination of our flawless user interface and our powerful software make this an easy decision.

If you don’t believe us, go ahead and give AutoTokker a try and see for yourself! The results are incredible!

AutoTokker 2020 tiktok bot reviews

Still not sure? Checkout the stats:

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