The TRUTH About TikTok Follow/Unfollow Bots

The side effects of using TIkTok follow unfollow bots

What Is A TikTok Follow/Unfollow Bot?

A TikTok F/UF bot is an automated tool that people use to rapidly grow their TikTok accounts. The idea of using bots to follow people and unfollow them days later has been around since the beginning of social media.

This has proved to be an extremely effective method of building a large social media following and TikTok is no exception! You can use follow/unfollow on TikTok and typically get a follow-back percentage of anywhere from 10-50%. This is incredible!

The strategy for this is to select target accounts(famous influencers) or hashtags in your niche to find large groups of TikTok users who would like your content. You then systematically follow and unfollow them to the tune of gaining 1000’s of followers each month. Effortless. TikTok. Growth.

This probably all sounds amazing to you, but we still need to discuss the side effects of using a TikTok bot…

Side Effects Of Using a TikTok Follow Bot!

Now that you know what a TikTok F/UF bot is, how they work and what the amazing benefits are, you are probably wondering what the effects of this are on your TikTok account.

Using TikTok bots can help your account gain thousands of followers each month. If you post even a few videos a week, the synergistic effect can be insane! You will have the steady stream of followers coming in and helping boost your videos. When your videos pop and go viral, that will obviously boost your following… which increases your follow-back percentage from using the bot. Using a TikTok bot while consistently posting content can be an extremely powerful combination.

A TikTok follow bot can be the tool that takes your account from being very average to influencer level! It is such an effortless and effective strategy. What about the negative side effects? Are there any downsides to using this powerful tool? Well… yes, but they only come when you use a bad TikTok bot.

Using Bad TikTok Bots Is Extremely Dangerous For Your Account

There are definitely some real, sometimes harsh, side effects of using a TikTok follow/unfollow bot. These only come into play when you choose to use a sketchy, low-quality TikTok bot.

The TikTok automation market is full of a wide variety of solutions. You will find extremely effective, safe TikTok bots like AutoTokker, TokUpgrade, Socialhype, and many others. We consider those to be the best of the best.

On the other hand, there are endless amounts of low quality TikTok bots and small agencies who resell them for a profit. We aren’t going to mention any names, but fame does not equal quality. Just read the reviews!

What are these harsh side-effects we are referring to? They are numerous. If you use a low-quality TikTok bot, you risk poorly targeted followers, debilitating shadowbans, and even permanent account deletion. You can’t trust some of these sketchy services to think about what is best for you and your TikTok account.

Take some time to do your own research and eventually you will be led to AutoTokker, the best TikTok bot.

The Most Trusted and Effective TikTok Bot: AutoTokker

AutoTokker TikTok Follow Unfollow bot

If you are looking for the TikTok bot that the best internet marketers and TikTok influencers are raving about, look no further. AutoTokker has spent the time necessary to develop a truly amazing service that people love. The combination of mind blowing results and a dashboard that feels more like an Apple product than a social media bot can’t be beat.

Don’t take our word for it. Give AutoTokker a try and see the results for yourself!

The best TikTok follow unfollow bot is autotokker

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