How To Remove Your Phone Number From TikTok(and Not Replace It)

How to remove your phone number from tiktok and not replace it. unlink tiktok phone number

How To Remove Your Number From TikTok. Step by Step Guide:

1. Go To TikTok Settings and Click This

TikTok remove phone number settings

2. Go To Account & Profile Settings

TikTok phone number stuck

3. Click Phone Number/Email

Can you remove phone number from tiktok without replacing it?

4. I Want To Change Associated TikTok Phone Number

how to get rid of TikTok phone number?

5. Is This Problem Resolved? No!

TikTok phone number stuck

6. Still Have A Problem(write message)

How tog et TikTok to remove your phone number from app?

7. What To Write To Remove Your TikTok Phone Number

TikTok phone number hack
This is how you remove your TikTok phone number without replacing it

That Is How You Remove Your TikTok Phone Number Without Replacing It!

This entire process can take anywhere from one to seven or more days, depending on the speed of TikTok’s customer service team. In this example, the whole process took about 7 days, from the first message sent to actual phone number removal. Not bad!

Why do people want to remove their phone number from TikTok without replacing it? You might have one phone and two TikTok accounts. You couldn’t move the number from one account to the other, without having two phone numbers(what? haha). This is a very practical work-around! Another reason is because some TikTok growth services need you to not have a phone number attached to login.

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