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Get Real TikTok Followers With Our 100% FREE Trial

If you are looking for the fastest way to get real, completely free TikTok followers, look no further. Here at AutoTokker, we offer a 100% FREE 3-day trial for our growth service.

Our free trial allows you to experience how fast TikTok growth can be when you are using the best TikTok bot in the industry. Our TikTok bot will follow/unfollow, like, and like comments thousands of times each day. This leads to massive amounts of real TikTok followers for your account. This is by far the fastest way to grow a large TikTok account.

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Does The Free TikTok Followers Trial Work Instantly?

Our TikTok followers free trial begins instantly, after you enter your TikTok credentials and select your target accounts.

You can expect to start gaining real TikTok followers during the first 24 hours. Our powerful TikTok bot will begin liking and following shortly after you’ve signed up for the free trial. It will spend a few minutes verifying and inspecting your target accounts and then it’s off to the races.

The TikTok followers we will get for your account are much higher quality than other providers for a variety of reasons. First of all, they’re 100% real accounts/people. We only interact with other real users and provoke them to follow you back. Other providers simply flood your account with fake, spammy bot accounts, which will only lead to shadowbans and low engagement.

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It is extremely important that you choose a very high quality provider for your TikTok followers free trial. Follower quality is of utmost importance on TikTok.

Buying TikTok Followers Is The Wrong Approach

We want to explain why you should never buy or even accept free TikTok followers. Buying TikTok followers is by nature the wrong way to grow your TikTok account.

When you buy TikTok followers, even if they’re real accounts, the people/accounts are not actually interested in your TikTok account or content. They are just there to add to your follower count. This will not help you become TikTok famous in the long term and it won’t fool anyone.

It is much smarter to try something like our TikTok bot free trial. The followers you gain from our growth service are 100% real accounts, but more importantly, they are only going to be people that are legitimately interested in your content.

Like we said before, the people that follow you because of AutoTokker will be actually choosing to do so. They are not bot accounts or some way to pay for followers. They are real people who see that you liked their post, liked their comment, or followed them. This is why you will get follow-backs with AutoTokker.

Don’t Take Our Word For It, Try Our Free TikTok Followers Trial!

We offer a full 3-days of service, completely free. You can gain hundreds of real TikTok followers a day from our service. Try it today, risk free!

So, How Does The Free Trial Really Get You TikTok Followers?

Simply put, our TikTok bot works like this:

It works based on the human trend of reciprocity. When you do something for somebody, they usually will return the favor out of courtesy. This is especially true on social media with the “follow for follow” technique.

AutoTokker works the same way, but we throw in a few other actions as well. We will like peoples’ videos, like their comments and follow their account. We do this to thousands of users each day for you and this drives them to follow you. This is a super effective strategy to generate real TikTok followers.

If you’d like to have more TikTok followers, we strongly recommend trying our free 3-day trial!

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