These are the most common questions we receive. If this doesn’t help, feel free to email us at info@autotokker.com

What are account slots?

The AutoTokker system is based on a slot system. You purchase a subscription for a slot and are allowed to swap various TikTok accounts in and out, whenever you want to. This gives you ultimate freedom. Want to grow a second TikTok account? Simply add another slot. The more slots you add, the cheaper the cost per slot becomes.

TikTok bot with multi-account capability. TikTok agencies.

How does automatic SMS login work?

If your phone number’s country code is supported by AutoTokker, we provide you with Automatic SMS Verification. As soon as you click to add an account to an AutoTokker slot, we will text you to make sure you’re ready to receive TikTok’s 4 digit SMS code. You will reply READY, when you are ready. Then when TikTok sends the code, you simply reply to our text with it and you will be securely logged in. It is mandatory that the phone you add to AutoTokker is the phone you have connected to TikTok. You must also have access to it.

Auto TikTok bot SMS verification. TikTok automation login.
An example of our auto SMS verification. You must send the code quickly!

How does manual login work?

You will know if your account needs a manual login, because the button will say “manual login”. You will receive a TikTok SMS code i.e. “1234” shortly after clicking the manual login button. You need to submit it on the AutoTokker dashboard within 60 seconds of receiving it.

TikTok bot manual sms submission. TikTok automation service.

What are target accounts?

To find accounts to interact with, AutoTokker uses target accounts. We interact with the followers of the accounts you choose. Your target accounts should be large accounts(50k followers minimum) and they should be in your niche. The followers you gain from AutoTokker will be similar to the followers of your target accounts. Make sure to add at least 3!

What entry format for target accounts?

You need to submit your target accounts one at a time in this format, no @. You may submit them by pressing enter or clicking the + button.
Format example: therock

How do I know it is working?

You can tell that AutoTokker is working in a variety of ways. First, check that your account status is green. Secondly, you can check TikTok for a login notification or results. Thirdly, you can look at our high-tech analytics to see your results coming in.

How many follows, likes and like comments does AutoTokker do per day?

We run the maximum, safe amount of actions per day that TikTok allows. Protecting your account is just as important as maximizing growth.

How do I change which TikTok account AutoTokker is growing?

To change which account you’re growing with AutoTokker, simply click CLEAR SLOT and re-add a separate TikTok account.

Are the followers I gain from AutoTokker real?

100%. All of the followers you gain from our service are people who respond to our activity and decide to follow you. These are real followers and they’re gained 100% organically.

What does Clear and Re-add mean?

Sometimes, we will need you to clear and re-add your TikTok account to your account slot, for a variety of reasons. You simply need to click CLEAR SLOT and re-add your account.

My AutoTokker account isn’t working, what should I do?

The first thing you should always do is read your account status and try to resolve it that way. If that doesn’t work, try to clear the slot and re-add once. If that doesn’t fix it, contact support and summarize your issue. We will get your account fixed ASAP.


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