Terms of Service


By registering on AutoTokker, you are agreeing to this terms of service. We reserve the right to change the terms of service at any time without any prior notice.


AutoTokker was created for convenience of promoting your product, brand, personal profile or service via TikTok. We do not encourage spamming or violation of TikTok’s user’s rights or rules set by TikTok.


AutoTokker is not affiliated with TikTok(Bytedance Ltd.) or any other social networking sites in any way.


Please note that we are not responsible for any of your actions and their consequences when you use AutoTokker. We are not responsible if your TikTok account is locked, blocked or banned.


You need to use your login credentials – username and password – to connect to our application and use our services. However, we will never ask for your password and we will not use your credentials without your permission.


Our system servers are secured using high level encryption to prevent unauthorized access of your account. However, in case of security breach and loss of data, we are not responsible for the consequences that follow the event.


Please note that if you change your password, AutoTokker will automatically stop. To activate it again, you should update your password settings and re-login with the new password. During such an event, the inactive period shall not be considered or added to your license.


User behavior such as liking, following or commenting on your videos or profile cannot be predicted and therefore cannot be controlled. The actual number of likes or followers you get solely depends on the quality of videos in your profile.


No refund claims will be entertained under any circumstance.


The time of voluntary inactivity – if you choose to stop the script for a specific period – shall not be compensated.


Please note that you are free and solely responsible to find target accounts for AutoTokker. The performance of AutoTokker will be determined by the quality of your choices, among other factors.


We reserve us the right to remove your account and ban you from using AutoTokker services at any point in time. In an unlikely event of this happening, your purchases will not be refunded.


Every AutoTokker user is obliged to report any errors, bugs, glitches and other issues with AutoTokker websites or services provided. A fail to do so or exploitation of above mentioned issues may result in your account removal or ban as per article 12 above.


This app is in no way sponsored, endorsed, affiliated with, administered by, or associated with TikTok or any other related party of Bytedance Ltd. By using our service, you completely agree to the terms of service of AutoTokker. We do not sell fake TikTok followers or likes.

Terms of Service

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